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Air cooler singapore courts

The Sindh High Court has instructed the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation to install an air cooler or air conditioner inside the enclosure of Rano the bear at the Karachi Zoo within 48 hours. Last week, on Thursday, the residents of Karachi filed a petition demanding the relocation of a bear cub at the Karachi Zoo. Pictures and videos of the animal had gone viral on social media showing it in a dire condition, dehydrated and thirsty.

It has also issued a notice to the secretary of the wildlife department. It will also make sure that animals are kept according to their natural habitat requirements. A total of 38 people had signed the petition for the bear. It was filed by Barrister Mohsin Shahwani.

Air Conditioners

The petitioners said that the bear cub, Rano, is being kept in a very small enclosure, away from her family. Irfan Ul Haque. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Entertainment Environment Food Geopolitics. Global Government Health Human Rights. Living Local Opinion Politics. Technology Transport Travel Work. Toggle navigation. Photo: Twitter. Karachi Zoo Sindh High Court. Residents file petition for relocation of bear at Karachi Zoo.

Sindh High Court wants obscene, immoral websites shut down. Tell us what you think: Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Comment Name Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.Each unit, about the size of a refrigerator, can cool an area of about 55 sq m, and has a reach of 5m to 10m.

The cooler is eco-friendly, using 80 per cent less energy than an average air conditioning unit, and does not produce heat. Four units have been placed at the zoo's ticketing area since Tuesday Aug 23 for a six-month trial. The cool zones include areas such as ticketing counters and restaurants, said Mandai Park Holdings' group chief executive officer Mike Barclay. We would like to address this heat issue in a sustainable, energy-efficient manner," said Mr Barclay. While a timeline for the rollout and cost have not been determined, Mr Gareth Tang, the project's engineering lead and general manager for Innosparks, said that cost effectiveness is key for cooling large outdoor spaces.

The machine is built around a "cold water core", where water is circulated and chilled through an evaporation process.

Warm air is drawn in, and cooled by passing through the running water. It also has an intelligent system that uses sensors to monitor the environmental temperature and humidity, and determine its output. After 18 months of development, the units are expected to go into production next year, said Mr Tang.

Other suitable locations include semi-open industrial spaces that are not suitable for air conditioning, such as aircraft hangars. We have been experiencing some problems with subscriber log-ins and apologise for the inconvenience caused. Until we resolve the issues, subscribers need not log in to access ST Digital articles. But a log-in is still required for our PDFs. Skip to main content. Share gift link below with your friends and family. Link Copied! Copy gift link.

Please sign up or log in to continue reading the article. Sign up.Can we get through the summer heat by using a solution that promises high-energy efficiency? A Portable Evaporative Cooler is capable of delivering a high level of cooling power in a highly effective way. Interestingly, it also consumes less energy while delivering unmatched cooling power. An Evaporative Cooler is a device which is also referred to by many as a swamp cooler.

It is a unique cooling device that is suitable for the dryer climates.

air cooler singapore courts

This explains why they are widely used in the West. The cooling system is inexpensive to acquire and cheap to operate as well. An evaporative cooling system functions by introducing water vapor into the atmosphere, which helps to lower the temperatures. The concept of evaporative cooling is actually a natural phenomenon, which often occurs virtually everywhere in our surroundings. To understand the concept, you can simply turn on your garden sprinklers. This is similar to the concept of evaporative cooling.

Now more and more people choose to use portable evaporative coolers which could offer an eco-friendly and cost-effective to conventional air conditioners.

air cooler singapore courts

However, there are some things you have to know before purchasing portable air coolers. Evaporative coolers are more eco-friendly and efficient in energy consumption than AC. Typically, they are also more powerful than normal fans. In areas experiencing high temperatures and low humidity, evaporative coolers effectively lower temperatures to as low as 20 — 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, in instances of high humidity, the cooler cannot cool you down effectively. Using portable air coolers is very cost-effective to cool your place without spending much money on electricity. Swamp coolers cost up to 50 percent less than air conditioners that use refrigerated cooling systems. Because the operating costs needed are only for water and electricity.

Since the system leaves a low level of carbon footprint, it produces no emissions.

air cooler singapore courts

Unlike other traditional cooling systems, the evaporative cooler has no refrigerant gas or compressor. Furthermore, it releases no toxic chemicals in the air. Swamp cooling systems use no refrigerants that potentially harm the environment.Every year, the weather is getting hotter and more unbearable.

For people who are averse to the increasing warming temperatures, we know the need to up your cooling measures. If you already have existing air-conditioning installed at home, it could get quite costly to re-haul the entire system just to put in additional units.

A fuss-free and cheaper solution would be to get a portable aircon unit to help you cool the environment! Here are the best portable aircons you can buy in Singapore today! Even with its compact size, it can effectively and efficiently cool a room of up to square feet! It disperses the cool air all around the room with the auto oscillation louver, which can also be adjusted upwards or downwards. It is eco-friendly and a CFC free refrigerant aircon unit.

There is also additional air purifying and dehumidifying functions. It also emits ions that kills harmful bacteria in the atmosphere. Made with the golden fin technology, the hardware becomes more resistant to water rust and oxidation so that it stays in pristine condition for a long time.

Karachi Zoo: Court orders air-cooler installed inside bear’s enclosure

This durability gives you great mileage and ensures the safety and comfort of your family. From time to time, you can also take out the reusable filter to wash it to keep the unit clean. It is also easily moved as it comes with wheels. The Close Comfort Personal Aircon is designed to stay right by your side to cool down the air around you in close proximity. This means that it uses less energy as it focuses on only cooling the surrounding air where necessary.

It is easy and fuss-free to use without requiring any water pipes or hose or draining. All you got to do to keep it plugged in when you need it to operate. The dust filters are also removable so that you can easily maintain the unit by taking them out for a wash before putting them back.

With a compact and slim body, this portable aircon unit does not take up too much space at home. With a BTU of 14, all you need is to place it at the corner of your living room, and you will feel its powerful cooling effects. On days when it is humid, this also doubles up as a dehumidifier, which helps to keep the air at an ideal humidity level.

With a built-in dehumidifier and fan option, it ensures that the cool air is well ventilated and circulated for optimal effectiveness. It can operate continuously for long hours without being attended to.

With an in-built dual motor system and a BTU of 12, it cools the surrounding air quickly and creates a comfortable environment to escape from the heat outdoors. It is easily portable with its slim-fit body and wheels. You can move it from room to room where needed. Not only does it have dual motors to cool the air quickly, but it also features a HEPA Filter which can purify the air and remove airborne particles.

You can also choose from 3 types of air purification filter. On days that are more humid, this portable aircon also helps to regulate the excess moisture. This ensures that you and your family have cool and clean air for the best health benefits. Featuring a fogging technology, it is an efficient means of cooling the air which consumes less energy. You can easily select the preferred temperature and activate the functions with the soft touch control and a clear LED display. With a BTU of 15, and an auto air swing function, it ensures that the air is cooled quickly and is well-circulated.

Not only does it cool the air, it also dehumidifies and purifies the surrounding air.Singapore is one hot country almost all year round. It is no surprise why the country has been recorded to have one of the highest electricity consumption, thanks to the massive and long-term use of air conditioners. However, for regular residents and household, using the AC all day long can be impractical, recognising the high cost of living in the country. This is why we also continuously have with us an air coolerone of the best alternatives to air conditioners, with lesser energy consumption and easier usage.

Whether you buy this for your home or office, this air cooler from Honeywell offers comfortable spot cooling. The best part is it is low in power consumption so you do not have to worry about the bills.

For more convenience, we love that we can adjust its settings through remote control. Buy this air cooler here. When we discovered the wonders of ionizers, immediately scouted for air coolers with the same feature. Mistral is such a great find for this consideration. At only 15L capacity, this air cooler is also portable enough to transfer to different parts of the house.

It comes with a nano-tech condenser, which means faster and more efficient cooling. Once you try this, you may not have to think of turning the AC on again. It comes with the sought after triple function too: cooling, fan, and dehumidifying.

Get this at its best price here. If you are looking for an affordable but durable air cooler as your back up for AC during extra humid months, then you can undoubtedly count on Sona. It also has a low water pump protection, so you do not need to worry about keeping it on while you sleep.

You can buy this at the cheapest price here. A rather more family-friendly choice, with comfortable touch interface and mosquito repellant function. For us, iFan is all about the comfort and safety of its users, so all its features are geared towards that.

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You can buy this air cooler online here. One of the things we loved about this model is how easy it is to set-up.

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However, you get to enjoy broader coverage and faster cooling. Buy your Honeywell air cooler here. We love the look of this Mistral air cooler, but it is also packed with great features. So, it is a win-win find for us.

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The sleek design makes it easy to position anywhere in the house, but you can still be assured to experience comfortable coolness because of the wide-angle oscillation. Get this air cooler online here. If you are looking for an easy to use air cooler than you can conveniently bring anywhere, then we recommend this brand.

The best part is it is selling for less than RM here. Another multi-functional and durable air cooler. We love the even distribution of cool air from this brand and its relatively quiet operation.

"air 20cooler" in Stuff for Sale in Singapore

It is also really easy to maintain, which is essential for us to when it comes to air coolers. Buy the EuropAce air cooler here. It comes with two ice packs, which are really great to use, especially the first time you explore this air cooler. You can also easily adjust the louvres depending on your preference. Buy it here. While fans are certainly home staples anywhere in Singapore, air coolers provide a whole new level of comfort.Feeling the cooling breeze of an air conditioner is awesome.

Especially so with the constant summer heatwave in Singapore. However, it is super expensive to buy and run an aircon.

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Here comes the hero — The Air Cooler. Feel the breeze without the pinch! Is the humid and hot Singapore climate optimal for the use of air coolers? The answer is no. It is not the best region for the most effective use of air coolers because of its humid climate.

However, it does not mean that it is useless. In fact, air coolers can be a good alternative for fans and air conditioners in Singapore. Despite our humid weather, air coolers can reduce room temperatures by 5 to 10 degrees celsius. It can make a room feel like it is being cooled by air conditioning. It can certainly do a good job of keeping you feel cool in the afternoon heat of Singapore.

Outdoor system that cools air to 24 deg C on trial at Singapore Zoo

Here are the best air coolers you can buy in Singapore right now! Similar to the other Honeywell model, the CL is considered to be one of the best evaporative air coolers available right now. The main difference between the two models is that the CL is more suitable for smaller spaces. The suggested area is still relatively large at square feet and 15 square meter. This is slightly more than half of the CL25AE model, which means further savings in your electricity bill. Additionally, it has 3-speed settings and includes the ability to adjust the humidification level.

Simply place the air cooler near a door or window. Fill it with water. Add some ice if you wish.

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Turn it on. Enjoy cool air all day long.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser.

Honeywell evaporative coolers do not require power hungry components like compressors. This low power consumption translates into significant savings on energy bills compared to using air conditioners. Five fan speed settings, a Carbon-Dust Filter and oscillating louvers improve air circulation and provide an even distribution of cleaner, cooler air for rooms up to square feet 15 Sq.

The CL Honeywell Evaporative Cooler includes an automatic shutoff timer for even more energy savings. The LED control panel is easy to use and the remote control lets you operate your air cooler from across the room. Plus, this lightweight unit has side handles and four durable caster wheels allowing easy mobility from room to room.

Specifications and features are for reference only and may be changed without notice by manufacturer. Get the latest promotion. Sign-up Here. What is the best LG fridge for small kitchens? A closer look at the Google Nest Hub. Fix your posture! Top 5 Furniture Trends Multifunctional furniture that don't compromise on style How to give your home a luxury hotel feel.

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