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Mlb dh 2020

Opening Day is coming. With teams playing their first games of the season beginning Thursday and Friday, it's a good time to revisit some changes that have been instituted as part of MLB's health and safety protocols. Below is a rundown of the changes. The three-batter minimum, a rule. The three-batter minimum, a rule change that was instituted this past offseason, will remain in place. It requires pitchers to face at least three batters or pitch to the end of a half-inning, with exceptions for injuries and illnesses.

Universal designated hitter While the American League adopted the DH rule inpitchers have continued to hit in games played at National League ballparks.

That won't be the case inas both leagues will use the DH to avoid overtaxing pitchers by having them hit. Runner on second to begin extra innings During the regular season, every half-inning after the ninth will begin with a runner on second base. If that runner scores, the pitcher won't be charged with an earned run. This rule will not be in place for the postseason. Over the past five years, 8. There were extra-innings games in the regular season, counting for 8.

Position players pitching There will be no restrictions on position players pitching in A rule change installed this past offseason would have required teams to designate every player on the active roster as either a pitcher or a position player, and position players would have been unable to pitch unless it was extra innings, their team was ahead or trailing by more than six runs, or they had qualified for the "two-way" designation.

That rule won't be in place during the season. Suspended games If weather forces a game to be cut short before it is official, it will be continued at a later date rather than started from scratch. Unsportsmanlike conduct Players and managers will be expected to maintain physical distance from all umpires and opposing players on the playing field whenever possible. Players or managers who leave their position to argue with umpires, come within six feet of an umpire or opposing player or manager for the purpose of argument, or engage in an altercation on the field will be subject to immediate ejection and discipline, including a fine and a suspension.

Discipline will be consistent with past precedent, and shall not be reduced or prorated based on the length of the season. Wet rag Pitchers will be permitted to carry a small wet rag in their back pocket to be used for moisture in lieu of licking their fingers.

Pitchers will not be able to access the rag while on the rubber, and they must clearly wipe the fingers of their pitching hand dry before touching the ball or the rubber. Water is the only substance that will be allowed on the rag.

Thomas Harrigan is a reporter for MLB. New rules in place for season. July 21, Facebook Share.Pitchers can hit, too. It also won't matter at all anymore.

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The shortened MLB season is paving the way for the universal designated hitter, equalizing the American and National Leagues for the first time since According to the proposed agreement for this year and next, the universal DH will be instituted beginning this season. The deal also calls for the DH next year. Couple that with the belief the DH was going to become universal in the next collective bargaining agreementand could it mean we've seen a pitcher bat for himself for the final time in Major League Baseball history?

Ways the shortened MLB season may stay permanently. Some may be utilized as a pinch-hitter. But a NL manager will never be forced to write in his starting pitcher's name into the lineup card.

mlb dh 2020

Therefore, you'd have to go back to Game 5 of that series to find the final at-bat a pitcher took for himself. Nats reliever Sean Doolittle struck him out swinging to end a five-pitch at-bat. As unceremonious it may have seemed in the moment, Cole's whiff could become historic.

So long are the days of Bartolo Colon running into one and setting the baseball world ablaze. Louis Cardinals right-hander Adam Wainwright is already asking manager Mike Schildt for one more at-bat. The navigation could not be loaded.Fans in St. They will have to adjust their scorecards. Re-think their baseball strategy. Learn to second-guess their managers differently.

And, yes, even have an open mind. The designated hitter rule is coming to the National League for the first time this year. Most general managers, fearful of their prized pitchers getting hurt at the plate or on the basepaths, are in favor. Many fans, wanting as much offense as possible, are craving it. Only this time, just like when we went from day games to night games, leagues were broken up into divisions, walk-up songs were introduced and Gatorade baths replaced hand-shaking celebrations, the DH is coming, and after the season, will be here to stay.

Why fight it any longer? Will MLB's safety and health protocol keep players safe? NL DH? A universal DH opens the door to these potential breakout NL hitters. No one knows how to bunt. Hit-and-runs are executed as frequently as complete games. And pitchers treat plate appearances as fondly as prostate exams.

They had a. Their OPS on-base-plus-slugging-percentage was. Oh, and you got to see them strike out 2, times. The traditionalists will argue that the DH sullies baseball strategy, with managers trying to decide whether to keep their pitchers in a close game or summon a pinch-hitter for a key moment.

And a lot of times in the AL, that becomes a very hairy call. In the NL, the guy goes out right away if you use that spot to pinch-hit. In St.

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Louis, they loved seeing those Whitey Herzog teams steal bases. The ultimate decision will come next year during the collective bargaining agreement negotiations for the season and beyond.

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When the baseball season comes back -- and yes, despite all of the posturing and rhetoric, it will be back -- it will expose the appetite for a universal DH. Follow Bob Nightengale on Twitter: Bnightengale. The navigation could not be loaded.While the Dodgers might not. While the Dodgers might not have planned their roster around a universal DH, they are certainly well-equipped to handle it. Under the leadership of president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman, the Dodgers have become an organization that prizes depth and versatility.

That leaves them flush with options at DH. Los Angeles is unlikely to have one particular player serve as its DH throughout the abbreviated season. Instead, it makes more sense for manager Dave Roberts to use the DH as an opportunity to keep certain bats in the lineup while allowing them to rest on defense. The season will feature few days off, which makes finding opportunities to spell players all the more important.

Once the schedule comes out, the pitcher certainly matters, that particular pitcher that day, how guys are feeling after a certain amount of games, all that stuff, but I think that we fit that DH situation as well as any team in baseball.

Pollock plus the now-retired David Freese. That mix includes three right-handed hitters Turner, Smith, Pollock and three left-handed hitters Pederson, Muncy, Beatygiving the Dodgers ample platoon options. His ability to hit both righties. Hip issues sidelined him during Spring Training, and playing him at DH rather than in the outfield could help prevent him from aggravating that. Although Muncy leads L. While he might spell Muncy at first and Turner at third from time to time, DH is a way for him to regularly face right-handed pitching, against which he had an.

The Dodgers will want to give him days off there. Pollock Pollock has an extensive injury history that has kept him from playing in more than games in any season since That includes elbow inflammation that kept him out for two months in his debut season with the Dodgers in ' Pollock was also a defensive liability for the Dodgers last season, with a -7 Outs Above Averageper Statcast.

He does, however, have a. Follow her on Twitter SarahWexler Here are the Dodgers' DH options in By Sarah Wexler SarahWexlerBradford Doolittle breaks down the benefits the Cubs and Cardinals could reap if they had a designated hitter option.

It's quite clear MLB's season is unlike any other, what with a game schedule, no fans in attendance and numerous modifications to prevent the spread of the coronaviruswhich stopped the game -- and so much else -- in its tracks in March. Beyond all that, baseball is being played in under some significant rule changes, impacting everything from play on the field to roster size and, of course, social distancing.

Here are some things that look very different. It all started with Ron Blomberg inwhen the American League introduced the designated hitter, and 47 years later, the DH will be added to the National League as well.

The change officially is for only, although it would not be shocking if the move became permanent. National League pitchers hit.

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But the thinking is that most NL teams primarily will use the spot to rotate players in and out of the lineup for extra rest. More: Our first Universal DH power rankings. In an effort to keep extra-inning games from dragging on, every half-inning after the ninth will begin with a runner on second base, a rule that has been in effect in the minor leagues for the past two seasons.

The rule, which will be in place for only the regular season, has served its purpose in the minors. The designated runner on second would be the player who made the final out in the prior half-inning unless it was a pitcher, in which case it would be the previous batter.

MLB might eliminate leagues, go with universal DH for 2020

The pitcher would not be charged with an earned run if that runner scores; it would be scored as if that runner reached via error. The attempt to limit the length of extra-inning games should help preserve pitchers during the compressed schedule, although this idea had been floated by commissioner Rob Manfred prior to the pandemic as a way of shortening the time of play.

With the season already having its quirks, it seems like a reasonable time to give this a try. Pitchers must face either a minimum of three batters or complete a half-inning, a switch pushed by Manfred with an eye toward quickening the pace of play and shortening games by reducing the number of in-game pitching changes.

More: How the three-batter-minimum rule will impact the game. Before its first game, each team will announce a man roster, which will be cut down to 28 players after two weeks, then 26 after four weeks.

Will a pitcher ever hit for himself again in Major League Baseball?

The remaining players who had been part of the team's original man pool will be sent to an alternate site for workouts and training. Teams will be able to carry up to three taxi-squad players on the road so replacements will be readily available in case of illness or injury. If a team carries three players on its taxi squad, one must be a catcher. Stays on the injured list will be for a minimum of 10 days for both pitchers and hitters, and the day IL will be reduced to 45 days.

A rule to limit the use of position players as pitchers that had been scheduled to be implemented this season won't be used in Teams have erected tents and similar coverings in the stands to create makeshift dugouts for this purpose.

Violators will be subject to immediate ejection and further discipline. The trade deadline will be Aug. If weather forces a game to be cut short before it is official, it will be continued at a later date rather than started from scratch.

Skip to navigation. New York Yankees. Brosseau on HR off Chapman: Not about revenge. Tampa Bay Rays. Boone: Whitey Ford died while watching Yankees. MLB reports day virus-free streak for players. Dodgers to host NLCS drive-in viewing parties. Los Angeles Dodgers. Solomon, former MLB exec under Selig, dies at Houston Astros. Atlanta Braves. Griffey's mad dash in '95 saved baseball in Seattle -- and ignited a Yankees dynasty. San Diego Padres.Here are the five biggest ones that could affect the Detroit Tigers.

Then again, almost no team got less from its designated hitter position last season than the Tigers. Detroit DHs produced just 0. That was better than only the Rockies, White Sox and Diamondbacks, who got 0. In an effort to speed up the game, MLB instituted several rules over the offseason. The only one that will be enforced in requires all pitchers to face at least three batters or end the inning before they can be removed from the game, except in cases of injury or illness.

As a result, every half-inning after the ninth will start with a runner on second, theoretically increasing the chances that at least one team will score in the 10th or 11th and avoid most marathon games. Said runner will be the hitter who ended the previous inning, unless it's the pitcher's spot. The Tigers went into extra innings 16 times last season — going overall — with eight of those three wins ending after just one inning of extra work.

This one could hurt the Tigers; in a typical year, a hot start by a veteran such as C. Trades will still happen this year. OK, not everybody, we think. Did we mention that things are moving fast this year? Division winners will get seedsthe runners-up get seedsand the wild cards will get seeds In the best-of-three Wild Card Series, the No. Oh, and seeds will host all three games in the first round. In case you were wondering, if this system had been in place last season, the matchups would have been: AL — 1.

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Astros vs. Rangers, 2. Yankees vs. Red Sox, 3. Twins vs. Indians, 4. Athletics vs. Rays; NL — 1. Dodgers vs. Cubs, 2. Braves vs. Mets, 3. Cardinals vs. Diamondbacks, 4. Nationals vs. Does that mean the Tigers have a chance?Manfred Jr. The Tigers defeated the Yankees The universal designated hitter a. This is a huge step hopefully in a positive direction for MLB that could bring more fans to the game as a result.

The concept of a designated hitter has been a hotly debated topic around the sport of baseball ever since its inception. On one hand, we have teams with a DH that can put out a full nine-man lineup of actual hitters who have a better chance of driving in runs and creating offense than a standard eight-man lineup with a pitcher tacked on at the end. For the most part, pitchers are not suited to be capable of driving in runs as a typical position player can.

So, the implementation of a designated hitter for the entire league will rid us of those automatic out situations and give opposing pitchers a ninth threat to face in the box rather than just eight, which is better for offense in the game of baseball- where MLB is still trying to grow. On the other hand, by eradicating the DH, we are sacrificing a large part of the strategy in the game that has been around since the game of baseball began. This is where the debate gets tricky because both instances have a lot of merit.

But on the other hand, what is the real goal of the double switch other than to skip the pitcher in the batting order? For my money, I like the way it was with two separate leagues- the AL and NL- having their own ways of doing things. The AL was a pure DH league and the NL, on a nightly basis, could implement the double switch and get more position players involved in the game where the AL would have a harder time of doing that. If we look at some teams today, if they were to get to a traditional World Series, once they get to an NL stadium, they would have to make serious alterations to their lineups.

Both are intricate parts to a lineup because of the power they possess, and the move to an eight-man lineup would have to sit one of them down. Unless of course they shift drastically and move Encarnacion to third base. Advantage National League team. The Red Sox too………well……….

mlb dh 2020

Come time to visit a National League park like we saw inone of them has to go. JBJ seems like the obvious choice, but with how hot he was in the playoffs, one would have to imagine the Sox would be losing a lot either way they went with the outfield.

It is much easier for a National League team to add a hitter to their lineup than it is for an American League team to cut a hitter from the lineup, so in most World Series situations, the move to NL stadiums almost ubiquitously favors NL teams. So, moving to a universal DH will certainly mitigate many of the shortcomings some, not everybody seem to think the game has.

Look at how each National League team is going to benefit from adding a ninth hitter particularly this year. They can also move Marcell Ozuna to the DH and bring in an outfielder like Adam Duvall or even the highly-touted Cristian Pache to take his place in left. They can also move Yoenis Cespedes to the DH a guy with a checkered injury history and plug in someone like a JD Davis who would otherwise have to come off the bench.

Maybe even both Castro and Cabrera against lefties if they want to sit Thames.

mlb dh 2020

They also, going into the season as planed, were going to probably test out Jonathan Villar in center field. The Philadelphia Phillies are a little crowded in the infield, but they can now move a Scott Kingery out to center field and a guy like Jay Bruce can move to DH- a role made for Bruce some would say.

Detroit Tigers: Here are the five new MLB rules to know for the 2020 season

The Chicago Cubs can utilize this rule in a bunch of ways since their lineup is already so stacked. But this is tailor-made for a guy like Kyle Schwarber who many believe belongs on an American League team so he can be the DH, unlocking his true potential.

Now the Cubs can keep him and see how he does in a mostly DH role. However, being on a National League team with third base already taken, Moose had to be moved somewhere.

Eugenio Suarez is locking down third base on Cincinnati. The Pittsburgh Pirates have some young guys to try out but their positions are actually holding them back because with someone like Will Craig, first base is already taken by Josh Bell. Now things can be opened up and the younger guys can find slots to fill in.

Someone like Gregory Polanco checkered injury history can also slide into the DH role and open up a spot for a Travis Swaggerty. Braun is already on the back end of his career. He was supposed to retire after but announced he may want to come back for Forget that, he might even be able to stick around for a few years if he can just DH all the time.


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